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About Kingdom of God Community Development Corp.

Our true humanitarian yearning to help all mankind is not something we take lightly, We believe that by showing people that God has not Forgotten them; this produces a change in the community and our environment. We desire to assist in human condition, regardless of the social spectrum..

Services Include

Community Events

Education Training

Property Beautification

Housing Assistance


would you like to see what we do?

view OUR portfolio. Then, let OUR WORK tell you, OUr story.


Is to assist low-income to moderately low income families in all aspects of their lives, as we focus on teaching, educating and helping them to obtain self-sufficiency.


We harness creativity and take a social interest in reaching our patrons over the past years of service.


Ever-advance the skills and perspective within the community. "We are only as good as the last person we helped."


We believe that everyone should be treated as we would treat ourselves or better.